Store Team leader – Whole Food Market

“Our costumers love them & we love them”

Progressive Grocer

“The hearty, lightweight rolling basket Carry ‘n Roll are designed for shoppers who make more frequent trips to the store and buy only few items.”

The Consumerist

“We like the Carry ‘n Roll. It’s like a basket and a shopping cart had a little baby. You should just be aware that there’s an intentional “buy more stuff” side effect if you’re not careful.”


“This allows them the possibility to move inside the store without having to carry all the items in their hands with the hand held basket.” spokeswomen Judy Chong said. “When you are picking up a half gallon of milk and two-liter bottle of soda, it gets heavy.”

Boston Herald

Convenience may Aid Sales.
Travelers wheel their luggage behind thru airports and kids walk to school with wheeled backpacks. Now Shaws Supermarket Inc. providing a less similar taxing way for shoppers to transport their groceries thru its store aisles. A rolled shopping basket with wheels from SCS International. “They promote more items being purchased” says SCS international.


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