SuperBasket Plastic Group – one of the leading suppliers of Rolling Shoppingbaskets across the Globe.

In 2006 we developed our first Rolling Shopping basket; with 4 wheels and a unique stop function on the pull handle. This model was a result of Nordic retailer’s feedback and first having tested another shopping basket on wheels. Our main focus has been on innovation and quality, and today we offer a unique range of baskets models and sizes, all designed in Norway and with quality following European standards.

SuperBasket Plastic Group has pioneered the way forward for rolling Shoppingbaskets, moving retailers/consumers from hand baskets to benefit from a more ergonomic shopping experience using our innovative but simple rolling baskets. From when we first started with a 30-liter basket on wheels in 2006 there has been tremendous ongoing development as part of our worldwide appeal, and today our range even includes an 80-liter unit as stores realize the financial benefits & increase profits at the tills.

Superbasket Plastic Group has an experienced global team, cooperating & partnering across the world. We have distributors on 4 continents, all focused on close cooperation with retailers to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. The dialogue and feedback from our customers are essential to us.

We have established unique systems and processes to ensure high-quality products that meet international standards & bespoke store formats. 

We look forward to doing business with you.


Superbasket Plastic Group AS
Phone: +47 5278 4400

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